Cogswell Motor Repairs

About CMR

CMR - Cogswell Motor Repairs


The Company was established in January 2008.


Our staff are highly experienced, some with 20 years experience working mobile within a Selsdon based firm.

We are a family owned and run business with workshop in central Croydon. We became a CheckaTrade member in May 2011, to give confidence to new customers about our services we offer. Check our feed back at

We have a great deal of experience maintaining a wide range of vehicles. We also enjoy maintaning classic cars, including Austin Mini's, Metro's and British Leyland.


In addition to this, CMR has some of the most up to date diagnostic tools, enabling us to communicate with modern car systems. E.G. emmision control systems, diesel common rail injector programming, ABS systems and CANbus.

We also offer Air Con Recharging / Service.